What is the ultimate aim of the Wildlife Conservation Pass project?

The aim of our project is implementing a new revenue pass for National Wildlife Refuges, one that represents birders, photographers and wildlife watchers and their interests on National Wildlife Refuges. See our full proposal for the reasons behind this endeavor. This website and our Facebook page are a hub for information and updates related to this endeavor. Stay tuned for changes.

Does the pass have to have federal recognition before it is implemented?

In terms of how we envision the project at this point — yes. We are using the Federal Duck Stamp and Junior Duck Stamp legislation as models for implementing the Wildlife Conservation Pass. The Duck Stamp was conceived in 1934 through the Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp Act passed by Congress. We are working across various platforms to garner support for similar legislation. We’re also focusing on bringing together public enthusiasm for this idea — to show just how viable and potentially lucrative this pass will be in terms of Refuge funding. We remain open to alternative forms of implementation that achieve the same end.

Why not just encourage birders and photographers to buy the Federal Duck Stamp?

We explain the various reasons for a separate stamp and revenue stream in our Why a Conservation Pass page.  In short, the Duck Stamp is traditionally associated with hunters since the stamp is mandatory for those who wish to hunt on Wildlife Refuges. Although collectors and birders do buy the Duck Stamp, we believe a separate pass, funded specifically by wildlife watchers and photographers, is the best and most equitable way to involve non-extractive users in preserving and supporting our National Wildlife Refuge System into the future.

What is next on the agenda?

WildlifeConservationPass.org was organized in December of 2012, inspired by a series of published discussions and debates on the concept — a concept many of us feel is long overdue. Our approach at this point is multi-faceted, with priority focus on publicizing the effort among conservation-minded individuals and organizations. We are also in discussion with other wildlife organizations for proactive collaborations. Through our mailing list and Facebook, we’ll let subscribers know what’s happening and how everyone can be involved as we move through the implementation process. 

How can people help at this point in time?

We’re seeking environmental organizations, wildlife groups, and individuals involved in conservation or wildlife projects, who are willing to lend their names and affiliations to the project. (See our About Us page for more information.) Our plan is to present drafted legislation to our national and local representatives, with a robust roster of supporters as signatories to the draft.

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Wildlife Conservation Pass


What type of help will you need from the public in the future?

Once we’ve built momentum on the legislative end, we’ll be requesting help from birders, photographers and wildlife advocates — to contact government officials and press entities to express support for this idea.

Our primary aim is to bring together non-extractive users from all fields and backgrounds in one place, to promote this project in the interest of the wildlife and the wild lands we all have a stake in caring for, preserving, and appreciating.

I have a blog. Can I reprint your materials or use your graphics to promote the idea?

Yes, absolutely. We have a Press Room with downloadable graphics, an electronic press kit, and a Powerpoint Presentation. Also feel free to use any written materials from our website with a link back to the the main page (www.WildlifeConservationPass.org).

JPEGS of the stamp, to use in blog posts or articles, can be downloaded from our Press Images page.

Will you be accepting other types of contributions or submissions?

Yes. We can always use fantastic photos of wildlife and National Wildlife Refuges. If you’re on Flickr, we have a Wildlife Conservation Pass group pool for photos of our nation’s expansive wild lands and wildlife. We want to showcase the diverse talents of our country’s wildlife photographers who use  public lands and refuges to draw attention to wildlife and conservation issues.  If you have any photographs you’d like featured in support of the project, please upload to our Flickr Group: The Wildlife Conservation Pass Project. Our Group Rules are listed on the description page at Flickr.

We are featuring photo essays of our National Wildlife Refuges so if you’re a photographer with great images from your favorite Refuge(s), and you’d like to see them featured in our blog, please send us a note with relevant links or samples.

We’ll be sharing updates and content at our Facebook page.

Does WildlifeConservationPass.org accept donations?

No, not at present.  WildlifeConservationPass.org is a citizen grassroots project and website, organized to create and promote a Wildlife Conservation Pass for our National Wildlife Refuge System. See our proposal for more detailed information.